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  DEON JACKSON Happily ever after/(You've got) The power of love  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Two more previously unreleased tracks from one of Detroit's favourite sons - DEON JACKSON. 'Happily ever after' was originally recorded by Len Barry but found its way to Detroit and producer Ollie McLoughlin and arranger Mike Terry in the mid 1960s.

The flip '(You've got) the power of love' was written by CAPITOLS member Richard McDougall but never recorded by the group. It did gain a release by The ESQUIRES under the title 'You got the power'

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  GROOVESVILLE PLAYERS Don't hurt me/AL KENT ORCHESTRA The way you've been acting lately  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Another fantastic discovery in the form of the backing track to 'Sweet Sherry' and 'Has it happened to you yet' under it's original title 'Don't hurt me'. Who it was intended for or what the original lyrics were are unknown.

Backed with another classic - the original backing track to 'The way you've been acting lately' complete with false start and no background singers.

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  BARBARA MERCER My dear heart/GOLDEN WORLD BAND My dear heart INST  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

After more than 50 years in the can, the original vocal version of 'My dear heart', and the instrumental backing track, is finally available for all.

Recorded at Golden World studios with members of Detroit's famed Funk Brothers ensemble back in 1965, both sides retain the original vitality and verve from that magic studio.

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  INEZ FOXX Because I love him/THE DRAMATICS I've got to find myself  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Two more fantastic sides from Inez Foxx and The Dramatics that were both recorded in Detroit. The Inez Foxx side has been shrouded in mystery in the recent past, having only previously surfaced on a plain labelled acetate.

The Dramatics single was the third part of the 'Inky dinky wang dang do' session when three sides were recorded, as was the practice back then, but only two ever used. What a single to leave in the can!

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  CAROLYN FRANKLIN Turn me loose/JIMMY GILFORD All over and done  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Just when everyone thinks that all the stompers have been discovered, up pops this previously unreleased gem from Aretha's sister Carolyn and members of the Funk Brothers ensemble. Stark but soulful and certainly designed for the feet!

This one is already taking dance floors by storm. It's paired with a previously unissued Thelma Records master from Jimmy Gilford that also features Detroit's finest musicians and caters to the dancers. Double dynamite!

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  ROSE BATTISTE It's not what you say/GWEN OWENS You'd better wake up  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Two supreme Detroit songstresses present a double dose of previously unreleased magic, both recorded at Golden World on Davison Highway in the Motor City.

Rose Battiste's 'It's not what you say (but how you say it)' features her alluring vocal over a typical Detroit backing from members of the Funk Brothers and Gwen Owens delivers a stunning vocal with the same band members.

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  POPCORN WYLIE Goin' to a happening/POPCORN WYLIE A sweet understanding  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Hayley Records is proud to present two previously unreleased gems from one of the true giants of Detroit music - Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie.

'Goin' to a happening' features background vocals only across a stomping backing track without lead vocals and 'A sweet understanding' reveals Popcorn's powerful vocal.

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  JIMMY DELPHS Walk on into my heart/OLLIE McLAUGHLIN Where there is love  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Jimmy Delphs presents his third Hayley release in the shape of the fantastic 'Walk on into my heart', a song written by Duke Browner but not to be confused with the Bobbie Smith song of the same title.

On the flip is the instrumental version of Jimmy's first Hayley release (now sadly sold out) 'Where there is love' by producer Ollie McLaughlin's own musical ensemble.

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  THE STYLISTS I need your lovin / JOHNNY GRIFITH BAND Operator please  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

More stomping Detroit soul from the little known Stylists. Recorded at United Sound Systems and arranged by Motown's Paul Riser.

Flip is the instrumental backing track to Tony and Tyrone's 'Please operator' Try and stay still listening to these two gems!

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  TONY HESTER - Keep a hold on me / THE PERFECTIONS - Just can't leave you  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Two more scorchers from Hayley Records with a focus on the predigious talents of Tony Hester. The A side is his version of the storming 'Keep a hold on me' replete with a cracking Mike Terry baritone solo

The flip is a re working of his own 'Just can't leave you' by the Perfections. Double dynamite!

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  BOBBY SHEPPARD - Surely / GILFORD & SCRUGGS Don't let me lose it  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

More mid tempo magnificence from the erstwhile unheard of Bobby Sheppard recorded at United Sound Systems in Detroit.

Paired with a superb double effort from Jimmy Gilford and Jimmy Scruggs.

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  JIMMY DELPH - The flip side / BAND TRACK Don't tell me maybe  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Yet another unreleased gem from one of Ollie's favourite singers. Mid tempo Detroit magic.

Backed with the Band Track of another Karen Records star turn.

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  J.J. BARNES - Lucille / You brought love to my life  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

An absolute barnstormer of a tune written by 'Popcorn' Wylie and Tony Hestor, and arranged and produced by 'Popcorn' too.

Although acetate copies have been circulating for a while, this is the first time the original master has been released officially.

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  SHARON McMAHAN - I have no choice / Life ain't worth living  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Two previously unissued gems from the singer/songwriter herself. Both arranged by Mike Terry and produced by Ollie McLaughlin at United Sound Systems in Detroit.

The 'A' side signals the first time this version has ever seen the light of day!

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  JIMMY DELPHS - Where there is love / Our last goodbye.  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

One of the most beautiful string arrangements to accompany an outstanding song, that never saw the light of day at its inception. both sides ooze pain, emotion and tortured soul.

The flip, 'Our last goodbye' reflects the poignant angst and loss associated with romantic conclusion. Again, arranged by Mike Terry and produced by Ollie McLaughlin.

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  DEON JACKSON - Pain in my heart / I've got so much love.  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Both previously unreleased. Pain in my heart' takes its hook from the classic 'Our love (is in the pocket)' riff and adds some sweet vocals from Deon Jackson.

The flip 'I've got so much love' strikes a faster beat aimed squarely at the dance floor. Both songs arranged by Mike Terry and produced by Ollie McLaughlin.

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  STEVE MANCHA - Girl have pity  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

‘Girl have pity’ b/w ‘Baby I need your love’ Clyde Wilson’s incredible interpretation of the Fantastic Four song ‘Girl have pity’ has remained unavailable until now!

J.J. Barnes joins in on the flip with a double dose of sixties Detroit delight with a primeval version of Bobby Williams’ Sure-Shot release ‘Baby I need your love’. Perfect pair!

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  TONY HESTER - Come out of your thing  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Come out of your thing b/w Nothing can stop me from loving you. Two previously unreleased tracks from 1975 spotlighting the incredible song writing, production and vocal talents of Tony Hester.

Both sides were covered by a variety of artists in 1970s (Dramatics, Dells, Cissie Houston) and ‘Nothing can stop me’ has been sampled several times in the modern era. Beautiful music.

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  FINAL DESCISIONS - I Dont Feel No Pain  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Previously unreleased gem from FINAL DECISIONS out of Detroit's Fast Track studios.

'I don't feel no pain' is presented in both Short and Long versions. Produced by Leonard Jones.'

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  KAREN PREE - Cant help loving (the one whos loving me)  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Brilliant double sider from Mrs. Clay McMurray. 'A' side is a bright and breezy dancer guaranteed to bring the dullest night to life.

Flip is a beautiful love letter put to music.

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  EMANUEL LASKEY - (Put your Name) in the Hall of Fame  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Hayley does it again with two more previously unreleased tracks from the late, great Emanuel Laskey. "...Hall of fame" and "Different kind of different" were recorded in Los Angeles in 1978 with two of his long time friends, Marvin Gaye and Mel Bolton.

Written and produced by the trio, the single features an uptempo song squarely aimed at the dancefloor paired with the more mellow "Different kind of different" - both clearly showcase Emanuel's great voice.

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  SY HIGHTOWER - I Wonder Why  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Only previously available as a one off Monarch test pressing, this double sided gem is now available to everyone...

Although this is currently massive on the Modern scene, it is destined to be just as popular in Northern rooms.

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  ALMETA LATTIMORE- These Memories  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Many rate this gem as one of THE most soulful records ever made. “These memories” was recorded at United Sound studios in Detroit, and sees its first official release in UK.

The flip, “La La” was made at the Stax studios in Memphis, and combines to make this a truly spectacular Hayley double sider.

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  LYN VARNADO - Aint that something  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Lyn Varnado’s recording of Ashford and Simpson’s “Ain’t that something” was also only previously available as a promo single.

This storming dancer has been burning up dance floors for several years, and finally sees the light as a legitimate release, backed with her other monster, “Wash and wear love” on the flip.

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  CHARLES BRIMMER - Show and Tell  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Charles Brimmer’s smoothy, groovy version of the Al Wilson classic was only previously available as a one sided, white label promo.

This release features the instrumental version by The Love ‘N’ Comfort Orchestra on the flip.

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  DATHAN JONES - Contract on love  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Hayley is proud to bring you a brilliantly up dated version of the 1963 Stevie Wonder in demander.

Recorded in 1974, it was produced by famed Veep artist Cindy Scott, and features Dathan’s distinctive vocals on the up tempo A side and the smooth groove of the flip, “Mysterious desire

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  JIMMY RUFFIN - The Entertainer/STEVE MANCHA - One in a million  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

What a lovely pair! Jimmy’s 70s re working of the Tony Clarke classic is masterful. One listen and we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Equally entrancing is a previously unknown gem from one of Detroit’s finest singer/ songwriters. Great soul value.

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  J.J. BARNES - Love at first sight  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Although not usually known for his ballads, J.J. can cut it with the best of them, as this mean and moody little pleader clearly shows.

Originally recorded in 1975, the song has remained unknown and unreleased until now. His in demander “Think I got a good chance” completes the pairing.

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  THUNDERBIRD SOUND - In heaven and on earth  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

John Manship described this record as the best instrumental he’d heard since “Exus Trek” and who are we to disagree! Released with the artist and title credits it carried on the tape box when first discovered.

It actually turns out to be the backing track for Jimmy Ruffin’s previously unreleased barnstormer “Shake hands with a dreamer”. “Our finest hour” is pretty good too.

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  LORRETTA KENDRICK - My feelings keep getting in the way  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

The release of this gorgeous song has been Hayley’s proudest moment since the label began. Beautiful vocals, heartrending lyrics and a string arrangement by the great Marvin Gaye himself make this the epitome of a soul record.

Lorretta’s take on “Neither one of us” on the flip makes this a great double header.

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Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

Previously unreleased, and totally unknown until a battered acetate surfaced in 1999, Honey went through more reconstructive surgery than Michael Jackson before its pristine release in 2000.

Originally recorded as the A side to the magnificent Sliced tomatoes in 1965, it features the same distinctive guitar licks, but listen out for the strings and tight harmonies too. Their other northern monster, Carlena, is on the flip.

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  THE MASQUERADERS I got the power / One more chance  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

The second release features two more songs from the BKE songbook.

This time featuring a break neck vocal with accompaniment that will burn up any dance floor, and the flip that finds the guys in a more mellow mood.

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  AL WILLIAMS I am nothing/ Try them  
Hayley Records 7 inch Vinyl

The very first release from BKE Records features two storming dancers from the pens of Fred Bridges, Richard Knight and Robert Eaton.

'I am nothing' has been a Rare Soul anthem for decades while 'Try them' is a relatively obscure recording that was never released at the time.

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