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Ainít that Something

More unreleased gems …and at the same sky high standard! Some big names here too … Lyn Varnado’s title track, the popular dance floor filler ‘Ain’t that something’ kicks off the set in fine style followed by the Falcons, Van McCoy, Karen Pree and Deon Jackson – all in a dancing mood! If you’ve never heard Jimmy Ruffin’s take on the Tony Clarke classic “The entertainer” get ready for a treat.

Throw in the original version of “Love at first sight” by JJ Barnes plus the full length version of “Think I’ve got a good chance”, a complete unknown from the great Steve Mancha, another dose of Lorretta Kendrick and Clarence Jackson plus the likes of Don Mancha, Liz Taylor and Marshall and Babb and you’ve got yourself one hell of an album!

We’re not just blowing our own trumpet – listen to the five selected cuts and make your own mind up. ‘AIN’T THAT SOMETHING!’


  Track Samples:(mp3)

Haley Records Presents 15 tracks of PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED Soul Music

play 1:  Lyn Varnado - Ainít that something
play 2:  Falcons - Got to make a move
play 5:  Deon Jackson - Youíve got the power
play 6:  Jimmy Ruffin - The entertainer
play 14:  JJ Barnes - Love at first sight



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CD Preview

Hayley Records invites you to sample some of the 15 previously unreleased recordings available on this Album.

30 second clips from selected tracks to listen to now!



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